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Smart pills are used to boost up our activeness as there are various reasons which are responsible for decreasing our active energy. Activeness motivates us to work in a better way. So, if you lose your activeness because of your lifestyle, you can take a smart pill. Artvigil is a very effective smart pill which is the brand version of Armodafinil. The use of the smart drug has a long back history. Like other smart pills, Artvigil also motivates us by working in various ways. The ingredients of this smart pill are as follows;
Serotonin, dopamine, adenosine, galanin, melatonin, serotonin, norepinephrine, and choline or phosphodiesterase VI, COMT, melanocortin, orexin-1, orphanin, PACAP or benzodiazepines, or transporters for GABA, GABA transaminase, and tyrosine hydroxylase

Use and benefits

1. Artvigil is used to boost up our active energy.
2. It also can promote wakefulness.
3. As a mood enhancer, Artvigil is used to treat fatigue and depression.
4. It also can be a probable solution to ADD/ADHD.

Working mechanism

Smart pills are known for boosting up our activeness. But, the working mechanism of those is not known yet. According to the experts, they make an effect by stimulating the neurotransmitters in our brain. Artvigil, as a smart pill, probably follows the same mechanism. Along with stimulating the neurotransmitters, Artvigil also makes an effect on the GABA system. As Armodafinil is the active ingredient of this smart pill, it offers a longer and stronger effect in comparison to other smart pills. Art vigil also boosts up our mental performance to make us more active and alert. By following this mechanism, Artvigil helps us to stay active.

How to use it

1. Take Artvigil in the morning or just before your work shift to stay active during work
2. It can be taken with or without food
3. Don’t take it for a long period as it may make it drug dependent
4. Don’t take more than one pill of Artvigil in a day or it makes you addicted to it
5. Avoid other smart pills with it
6. The patients with liver or kidney disease or blood pressure problem should avoid this smart pill
7. If you are allergic to Modafinil or Armodafinil, you should avoid this smart pill
8. Don’t take it with alcohol
9. This smart pill is not for you if your age is less than 17 years
10. Consult a doctor before starting to use it to get the best result


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