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Levitra 20 mg

Levitra 20 mg


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ED or erectile dysfunction, we all hear about this problem. This problem is actually a male sexual health issue in which a man cannot attain the perfect erection. This is mainly caused by the irregular blood flow. Blood flow may become irregular because of various reasons like diseases, depression, stress, smoking, etc. As a solution, one can use ED pills. Though they cannot cure ED they can help a man with impotence in having the perfect erection. There are various types of ED pills available in the market. Among those, you can try Levitra as your ED pill. As an oral solution to ED, it is very effective. This ED pill is actually the brand version of vardenafil which is very effective for men’s health. This ED pill was first manufactured by BAYER and it is in the market since 2005. Levitra was approved by FDA in 2003. It belongs to the class of PDE5 inhibitor. Levitra is now a popularly used ED which is easily available. To get it at an affordable price, you can buy Levitra online also. If you order your Levitra online, you can enjoy various types of other benefits also.

Advantages offered by Levitra

As an oral solution to ED, Levitra helps a man with impotence in attaining the perfect erection.
The active ingredient of this ED pill that is vardenafil can make the manpower stronger and also repair the male reproductive system.
Premature ejaculation also can be treated with the help of this ED pill Levitra.

The working mechanism of Levitra

ED is mainly caused by the irregular blood. So, when a patient with impotence takes an ED pill, to help him, it regulates the blood flow. Levitra follows the same mechanism as an ED pill. It has vardenafil as the active ingredient which is a PDE5 inhibitor. PDE5 is a chemical that slows down the blood flow in our body. So, by inhibiting that chemical, vardenafil relaxes the blood vessels to allow the blood to flow freely. As an ED pill, it also helps in erection by preventing the downfall of cGMP which leads the blood flow into the tissues. Thus, Levitra as an ED pill treats impotence.

How to take Levitra

  • To get the perfect erection, take Levitra orally with proper sexual arousal.
  • It can be taken with or without food.
  • Avoid using alcohol with it.
  • The patients with liver or kidney disease and blood pressure should avoid using this ED pill.
  • Don’t take more than one dosage of Levitra within one day.
  • Levitra should not be taken with any nitrate product.
  • Grapefruit products should also be avoided with Levitra.
  • This medicine is not for you if your age is less than 18 years.
  • For the best result, take Levitra with doctor’s advice.

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