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Tramadol 100 mg

Tramadol 100 mg


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Pain is a very irritating feeling that we have to go through in our daily life. It is very tough to live a life with pain. In this situation, we can take the help of painkillers to get temporary relief from pain though they6 cannot cure it. Tramadol is a very effective painkiller. It is sold under the brand name of Ultram. Because of its immense effect, Tramadol is named as the miracle drug. This painkiller is best for treating chronic pain.


Active: Tramadol Hydrochloride
Inactive: Anhydrous Lactose, Colloidal Silicon Dioxide, Hypromellose, Magnesium Stearate, Microcrystalline Cellulose, Polyethylene Glycol, Polysorbate 80, Sodium Starch Glycolate, Titanium Dioxide,


Tramadol is a very effective painkiller. It offers various types of benefits for the users. Some of those are as follows:
1. By treating the pain, Tramadol helps us to get relief from pain and thereby it offers us life with ease
2. Tramadol is a painkiller with short-termed side effects
3. Unlike other painkillers, Tramadol can show an effect on severe pain also
4. Tramadol is good for treating chronic pain.
5. This painkiller can treat the inflammation also which comes with pain.

Working mechanism

Pain is a sensation that our brain receives through the nerves. To offer us relief from pain, painkillers block or change the ways of perceiving pain. As a painkiller, Tramadol changes the ways through which pain sensation reaches the brain. The time of effectiveness of Tramadol based on how much time it takes to absorb in the blood. Sometimes it shows effect up to 24 hours. To offer us relief from pain, Tramadol prevents the reabsorption of serotonin and norepinephrine. To stop the effects of pain sensation on the spinal cord, this painkiller activates the opiate receptors in the central nervous system. Through this working mechanism, the miracle drug Tramadol helps us to get relief from pain.

Special effects of Tramadol

• Treat chronic pain: In our daily life, we have to go through various types of pain. Chronic pain is one of those pains. It last long for more than 6 months, sometimes it becomes a lifelong companion. It is said that chronic pain cannot be cured. But, for temporary relief, we can take the help of painkillers. Tramadol is a very effective painkiller that can treat chronic pain.
• Shows effect on severe pain: Painkillers are taken to get relief from pain. But, most of the painkillers though can show an effect on mild pain, yet cannot treat severe pain. Unlike other painkillers, Tramadol can show the effect of treating severe pain also.
• Effective in treating inflammation: Inflammation is an irritating feeling that comes with pain. Tramadol can treat this inflammation also.
• Good in treating surgical pain: Many doctors use Tramadol to treat post-surgical pain. The post-surgical pain is very sharp and severe kind of pain
So, this is all about the painkiller Tramadol. Take it with care to stay away from misuse or overdose. For the best result, consult a doctor before starting to use this painkiller Tramadol.


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